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Luna Boutique

We now stock accessories.  Whether you are a Bride, a Groom, going to a festival and need something unique and cool or just fancy doing the washing up in something a bit decadent, we may have something for you.....

We sell and rent items.  If you like the look of something you see here, pop into the studio or get in touch.

Stocking now

Sookrah Designs Headpieces

All pieces are designed and hand-sewn by Emma Sookrah in Bedfordshire.  Their luxury modern day accessories are made using traditional couture techniques.  Each hand-crafted design is made to order and can be adapted to create a bespoke piece that is perfect for you.

Also available: hair combs and jackets!

We have the following designs in the studio, but if you would like to order another piece from Emma's range we can order it for you:

Blanco Band

Petal Band

Opalescent Band

Gold Iridescent Band

Plume Band

Flora Band

The Blue Band

Lux Lustre Band