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What does a planner do? 


Lots of couples feel that they have the skills to plan their wedding but realise that they do not have the time to put their full energy into it. If you have the right wedding planner, you will feel supported throughout, at ease and excited about your big day.


As your wedding planner team, we will listen to all of your ideas, work in partnership with you, recommend and liaise with suppliers and help a spark of an idea turn into a reality.  We will be realistic about what is and is not achievable and help you to stick to your budget.



My venue has a coordinator. Why do I need a wedding planner?


Some venues will have an event co-ordinator who will help with all things relating to the site. They are a great person for you to approach for all thing’s venue related. They may also be able to recommend some good suppliers should you need it.


However, a wedding planner brings together all the elements of your day, managing and liaising with suppliers, and will be the main point of contact throughout the process. Our team will deal with the catering, the entertainment, the hireables, the accommodation, the décor, the venue details, basically everything you need. The planner makes sure everything runs smoothly on the day. 

What does a stylist do?


A stylist is a brilliant addition to your wedding.  Why should you be worried about hanging décor from the ceiling of your marquee or taking 100 chairs into a woodland glade or making sure that the tables are set up on the morning of your wedding?  If you hire our team as your stylists, we will work with you to create an amazing design for your wedding. Maybe you would like a beautiful ceremony backdrop, an awesome chill out area, stunning table design?  We can make sure that your décor reflects you and your personalities.

Do you only work with certain venues and suppliers?


No.  The suppliers which we recommend for you are tailored to your wants and needs.  No wedding should look or feel the same as someone else’s. We can recommend some amazing people who we have worked with but only if they fit your brief. You might have some ideas about vendors yourself and that is absolutely fine. 

However, the benefit of using recommended venues and suppliers is that they’re tried and tested. We know that they’re reliable and recommend them with more confidence than those that we may not have worked with before. 

Need recommendations?  Click here


Will you be there on the day?


This depends on which package you choose.

As your planners, we will be there on the day. We've worked together up to this point and we're not going to miss your big day for anything! Being there to help you on the day is all part of this service.


 If you hire us to style the wedding, we would stay until everything looks great and then slip away.


If you decide that you would like help to co-ordinate your wedding (to ensure you can relax and enjoy your day) rest assured that we would be on hand through the day to help everything run smoothly or deal with any unexpected hiccups should they arise. We normally slip away once the final supplier is in and we can leave you to party the night away.


I want to host a pre/post wedding event, can you help with this too?


Absolutely! If you would like your guests to celebrate with you for more than one day, a pre/post wedding event or a brunch the following day is a great idea. 

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