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Well, hello there!


Congratulations on your engagement and your upcoming wedding day!  If we're going to work together then you need to know a few things about me and my brand.

I love weddings, I mean, who doesn’t? They are brilliant things: the happy tears, the embarrassing speeches, the food, the booze, the chance to dance like your parents without any shame…this is no ordinary day and I will make sure your wedding is the most amazing of them all, filled with laughter, amazing surprises, and totally YOU.


I love working with contemporary couples who want a day which challenges the traditional.  Want a glitterball over your top table? Hell yeah. Want a brass band playing 80’s bangers? Why not?  Animals at your wedding?  Well of course!


To me, my ideal wedding is one that is stunning, maybe a bit quirky, romantic, and a real representation of both personalities combined into one design.  I love an amazing backdrop, a brilliant table design, cool décor and without an organza bow in sight.


A great wedding will come from great communication, which is why I love to ask you lots of questions regarding your day with my (now famous) questionnaire of joy. This helps me to be able to picture the wedding you want and create a design or plan which is personal to you. You might have been planning your perfect day in your head since you were a wee nipper or you might have absolutely no idea what you want, or where to even begin.  Don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for.  


I pride myself on my high standards, my organisation and my attention to detail. I hold an Advanced Diploma in Special Event Planning and Design and have worked within the Drama and Theatre Industry for 20 years, so I really know how to put on a great show!

If that wasn’t nosey enough for you, here are a few fun facts about me:


  • I am a massive tea snob.  I mean, I LOVE tea, but it has to be made correctly - that means that the milk is added last.  

  • I LOVE dogs...all shapes and sizes - I have three of my own and one of them only has one ear. 

  • I can do the Macarena, The Floss, and I believe I can breakdance...but my kids tell me differently

  • I can do a mean gorilla and dove impressions should you ever wish to hear them.

  • Anchorman (the original one) is my favourite comedy and I find any excuse to casually drop a catchphrase into ordinary conversation and I could listen to Matt Berry's dulcet tones all day long. 


Thanks for stopping by,


Luna and The Lane Pattern.jpg
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