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Dos and Don'ts

We love it when you hire our props and furniture, but also adore it when you look after them.  Here are a few pointers to make sure you get the best out of them and keep us happy before we collect them.


Please use non-drip candles! The best range that we suggest is Ester and Erik as they are smoke-free, non-drip and last for hours, but any good-quality candles should be great, but we do ask you to check that they are non-drip. If an excessive amount of wax is left on our candlesticks prior to collection we will charge a cleaning fee which is normally deducted from your damage deposit or you will be billed separately.

Soft Furnishings

All of our soft and wicker furniture is vintage and are one-off pieces. Therefore we urge you to look after them carefully. We love it when they are used outside as pods, but please ensure that they are placed on even ground and are not at risk from inclement weather.  They must be brought inside overnight to save them from dew.  If any soft seating is found to be damp/dirty we will charge a professional cleaning fee.

Mismatched Chairs

Our mismatched chairs can be used inside or outdoors, but please ensure that they are placed on even ground and used for the purpose that they are designed for only. They also must be brought inside over night and not left in inclement weather as this will compromise their sturdiness.

Rugs, Blankets and Cushions

We are often asked whether you can take our rugs outside.  Yes! But please make sure that they are not placed on wet or muddy ground.  All of our rugs are vintage and not replaceable with like-for-like styles, therefore, please make sure that they are not left to get damp and are brought inside overnight.  If they are returned in a damp/dirty condition then a cleaning fee will be incurred. Blankets and cushions can also be taken outside but need to be brought in overnight.


Our rustic tables are beautiful bare and as nature intended. Prior to collection we insist that they are wiped clean of food/drink waste.  If candle wax is present then a cleaning fee is likely to be incurred as well as a fee to restore any table back to it's original condition due to staining, such as from red wine.


Some of our games come with counters, bean bags, balls etc.  Please ensure that all parts of the games are packaged appropriately before we collect. If you think that something is missing please tell us. Please also make sure that the games are used as they are intended to be - we have found some folk using them as slides and throwing beanbags in stinging nettles...and that's just the kids.


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