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Can I get married soon and then have a proper wedding later?

...and how the lifting of some restrictions may still affect you in the planning of your wedding.

In the next instalment in the 'What advice can I give my couples about creating alternate plans for their wedding?' (catchy, eh?) I thought I'd have a chat to you about how the latest lifting of certain lockdown measures may get you thinking about ceremonies and receptions possibly being done differently or even as two distinct things. I have also asked my good buddies, Helen and Nikki to chat to you about the role of a Celebrant and why they are ruddy amazing too. Grab a cuppa, open the biscuits and read on...

This has been spurred on by a chat I have had recently with two of my brides whose weddings were scheduled very early on in the lockdown. Both were understandably really emotional and angry about not being able to get married and, whilst some of you are all about the party, for a lot of you, its the act of marriage itself which is at the heart of it.

It has been heartwarming to see so many 'Lockdown Weddings' taking place - where the couples receive doorstep visits from their loved ones who create as much of a 'ceremony' as possible and one in particular where the Bride was 'given away' by her son as alternative vows were read. Yes, there have been tears but there is no doubt that the gesture of still celebrating their marriage has brought joy and made couples not loose sight of the fact that they WILL get married despite the terrible situation we face (I wrote a blog recently about how to mark your would-be-marriage day, do have a read).

How have the lifting of the restrictions changed things?

The announcement on Sunday 10th May has had all sorts of reactions. Without trying to get political at all, it has confused couples and industry professionals alike. I have personally had quite a few of my Summer/Autumn couples ask for advice as to when should they postpone and then on the same day we see some industry professionals interpreting the 50-page Government guidelines completely differently. No wonder there are a lot of frazzled and confused people out there. In my next blog I will be talking in more detail about how the lifting of the current restrictions will impact your planning and future weddings. You can find it here:

Pivoting and thinking outside the box

If nothing else, all the current shenanigans must be making the nearly-married flexible in their planning and be open to suggestions. One thing that I think will certainly be part of the norm over the next year at least are those who decide to have two weddings.

What the Government seem to be suggesting above is that they understand the frustrations that couples are feeling at not being able to be legally married. They have said that their intention is to look at how small weddings ceremonies can take place from the 1st June. That's ceremonies, not weddings per se. So, I can personally see a rise in small legal ceremonies when it is safe to do so, with a couple of witnesses/nearest and dearest and then a whole heap of amazingly fantabulous parties when all this is over and we can all hug again! WOOO HOOO! Why have one wedding when you can have two? That brings me on to my good buddies Helen and Nikki.

The utter beauty of a Celebrant-led ceremony

I've asked two of my go-to celebrant friends to have a quick chat to you about why a Celebrant-led ceremony is so amazing.

Nikki's Instagram: @perfectwordsceremonies
Helen's Instagram: @helsbells_celebrant

Helen says:

"The beauty of a celebrant led ceremony is it is totally unique and personal to you. We work with you weaving your relationship story into the ceremony and can have guests rolling in the aisles laughing or crying into their tissues. We create an inclusive atmosphere for your guests, they're not just an audience watching the action, they're part of it.

"These are challenging times but there can be a silver lining if you are postponing your wedding. Have a rethink about what you want from your ceremony. It's not just the boring bit that everyone wants out the way before the food and party. It can be whatever you want it to be. Relaxing, intimate, kickass, fun, totally off the wall, there is a celebrant out there waiting to write you a ceremony you and your guests will remember for all the right reasons."

Helen in all her glorious action. Photo credit: Instagram @mistyislephotography

Nikki from Perfect Words Ceremonies:

"A Celebrant Wedding ceremony is really special!  Each ceremony is unique and carefully crafted to ensure it tells your story, is full of love and happiness and reflects your style, ideas and personalities.  I love getting to know my couples and working together to ensure the unique ceremony I write is everything they dreamed it would be.  The wonderful thing about a Celebrant ceremony is that there are no rules, or limitations and because every ceremony is bespoke, couple-focused and story-led and there is no standard ceremony style; it can be traditional, modern, quirky, romantic or as light-hearted as you wish.  

Also, by separating the legal element from your wedding ceremony, you are no longer restricted to licensed areas, allowing you to hold your ceremony absolutely anywhere; I have conducted weddings in many different locations; fields with tipis and marquees, woodlands, gardens, beaches as well as the more traditional wedding venues and barns and each one has been amazing!  

Your wedding ceremony is the heart of your day and a Celebrant ceremony will leave wonderful memories you will always treasure."

Please do get in touch with Helen or Nikki to discuss how they can help you to celebrate your wedding in style or if you need Planning/Styling or on-the-day coordination help, send me an email. We would all love to make your wedding awesome.

Sally x

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