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Your mini-guide to wedding styling

For lots of couples one of their top priorities, and something which they now spend a

good proportion of their budget on, is the styling of their venue.

We live very much in an instagrammable culture where we want things to look

aesthetic, but for your wedding day it’s not just about making it look pretty. It’s also

about creating the right moods, atmosphere and experiences which really

demonstrate you as a couple and give you and your guests a memorable and

emotional day. A good stylist will not only create a design and physical set up which

is beautiful, but they will also take into account the emotions it evokes and how your

senses are affected. They will think about how to combine colours in your palette,

how to contrast textures and shapes and the practical elements such as the flow of

the space, even down to how your meal will be served.

Here I will talk about some of the most important elements to consider.

Size is everything

How big is your venue? How many guests will there be?

These two questions should be the first things to consider. Make sure that you have

adequate space to fit your guests and enough room to allow a good flow to your

guest’s movements. Do you want your venue to feel intimate and cosy or grand and

spacious? High ceilings will make your venue feel larger, but if you are having a

micro wedding and still want that luxurious feel, consider how you can incorporate

hanging decor such as drapes, foliage and lighting to create the illusion of it seeming


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Adding a statement

Is there a natural focal point in the space such as a window, a fireplace or something

else architecturally? Are you using a venue which is a complete blank canvas?

Creating a focal point or a statement piece is a great idea in any venue because it

draws the eye to certain places. I always think it’s good to have a statement piece

such as a floral instillation or backdrop rather than feeling the need to fill your space

with tons of decor. This will create a wow factor and possibly save money in the long

run. The great thing about having any focal point is that it is good for those all-

important photo opportunities and, if you have a moveable piece, why not use it for

the ceremony, at your top table and then as a backdrop for a photobooth?

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Don’t feel that you have to have floral centrepieces just because you are having a

wedding. There are lots of couples now who are opting for something much more

unique and personal. Consider the style of catering for your wedding breakfast.

How you style the tables (and the shape of your tables) will have a huge impact and

this is something which many people forget. If you are having a formal sit-down

meal you should keep decor in the centre of the tables, whereas if you have opted

for a sharing style your table decor should be simpler and practical for dishes of food

to be placed and shared amongst guests. Consider using a scattering of small vases

with stems of flowers for a contemporary feel.

Low centrepieces and floral runners will get lost in vast rooms with tall ceilings. If you

have a function room with a very high ceiling, it may be a good idea to add some

height to your table decor by using floral arrangements in tall vases or on plinths –

however, do be aware that if you are using tall arrangements you may cut off the

ability for your guests to hold a conversation!

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Let there be light

Is there any natural light in your venue? What season are you getting married in and

what time of day? Will you need additional lighting?

Having the right type of lighting for the different elements of your day is vital for

creating distinctive moods and experiences. Warm lighting creates a soft and

romantic feel. Your space may have fixed lighting which may work well for the

wedding breakfast, but you may need to change the type of lighting for the party to

create a completely different mood using uplighters. Candlelight is always beautiful.

As part of your decor you may be using candles on your tables to create height and

interest but on a practical note, do check that you are allowed to light them!

If you are using a dry hire space or a marquee, festoon or fairy lighting will break up

the spaces and add warmth and interest to what is possibly a dull ceiling. It looks

stunning as the daylight fades and creates a magical fairy tale feel and the addition

of uplighters can create a colourful party vibe.

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With any venue, look at the colours which surround you. You may well have a colour

palette in mind but do consider whether it works in the space.

Working in a blank canvas venue means that you can go wild with colour; there is

very little that can go wrong, however, if you are hiring a venue with strong colours

and a specific shapes and textures do be mindful of whether your colours will

complement the space. What are the wall and floor coverings like? Are they any

strong colours in the room that will need working with, not against?

Here are some tips for styling three types of venues:

A Stately home

Look at the aesthetic of the venue, its colours, decor, historical elements, shapes

and textures. Be thoughtful of these elements and choose textures, shapes and

colours which will enhance and complement the venue. Use and show off the focal

points of the venue.

Barn venues

The sky is the limit. Barns are great for rustic and bohemian styles, but you can

have lots of fun in making it have luxe elements too. I love a contrast: think

chandeliers, metallics and bursts of colour.

Marquees, tents and tipis

These can be amazing spaces because they come in all shapes and sizes!

Nowadays you can opt for cosy intimate feels or go luxe with glass roofed marquees

which feel spacious and open to the elements. Either way, you will have scope to be

really creative and pretty much any style is achievable.

On a practical note…

With any venue, you must check the practicalities of any design such as power

sources and limitations for hanging decor. Also consider whether your day will be

spent on one space and whether you will need help to change the layout through the


If you need help to design and style your venue, why not get in touch? Sally from

Luna And The Lane has experience of working in lots of different venues. Give her a

call, email or pop into the studio at 80 Broadwater Street West, Worthing, West

Sussex BN14 9DE. 07877339993.

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