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2020 Wedding Trends - how can I use them in my wedding design?

Trends are a funny old (new) thing. I think they are REALLY exciting but you have to use them with a degree of caution too. As a stylist and planner, I like to use trends as inspiration rather than following them to the T.

Weddings today are less about tradition than they ever were. This is great because it means that you can pick and choose the bits that work for you both and do away with the unnecessary. Why follow the rules when you don't have to? Or, as it seems for the new decade, choose what's really important to you and then GO BIG!

The biggest wedding trend of 2020 is INDIVIDUALITY. There has been a huge evolutionary swing in the last few years to have weddings that don't fit into a certain style or category. This is great news as it means that you can add elements which are unique and individual without Great Aunty Jean having her opinion. The other thing to remember is that guests love a good wedding, so with this change in wedding culture, give them something different and something they will remember.

Couples nowadays are opting to have celebrations which are far more modern and contemporary. Doing this will mean that you create an experience and ambiance rather than being tied down to a colour palette or theme. So, whether you are going to have a beautiful, intimate wedding or something huge and packed with maximalism (more on this), here are some of the trends which I know I will be stealing from and which I think would be fab choices for your wedding this year....


This is going to be a biggie. Pantone's Colour of the Year is Classic Blue. Now, don't be scared. This does not mean that you have to go all-out blue - in fact, please don't. This can be used as a bold statement or something which accents table design, a gown, the groom's accessories, flowers, veils, you name it. Don't be afraid of experimenting with big bursts of colour too: emeralds, saffron, aubergine; blue, terracotta and pink. Modern weddings will have statement pieces, whether that be a floral instillation or the crockery, for example. Colour can create the most amazing feels; it lifts the soul and makes things exciting. Trends will see chintzy design, texture, pattern and clashes and blocks of colour

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In a time when we have had to adhere to austerity, maximalism is stamping it's feet and wants to come out to play, and I can't wait! Now, if you don't want to go all-out, that's fine. Again, choose wisely what you do go max with.

If you are having an intimate wedding, then think about which elements you can spend a bit of dosh on or make a statement with. Tactile experiences are also going to be a big thing for guests. Think natural textures, tall grasses and wild flowers to step through in your aisle, for example. Something as simple as the fabrics you use on your table - velvets, silky textures, metallics; something to make guests feel a bit luxe'd up are great ideas. On this note, soft furnishings are taking over from cane and whicker, so think of using soft, warm and inviting upholstery and using plush, comfy, tasselled and frilly pieces - tassels on invitations are lovely and are here to stay! Going big? Then lets have some statement florals or a huge dress!

The trend is for fuller and fussier: mixing materials, decorativeness and ornamental, chintz and OTT styles.

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2019 saw the rise in family-style dining which was a wonderful element to an informal reception. This year, think bigger - banqueting tables are going to be the thing. If you have an outdoor wedding or even a venue with enough space, the longer the table the better.

Low centrepieces rather than tall ones will give a romantic and natural feel - think natural forms rather than uniformed, tight arrangements or, if going big, think of having lavish and extravagant floral instillations on walls and ceilings to make an impact. Instillations will be a thing. Make them bold and fun.

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Statement florals which are sourced locally, such as Ranunculus and Roses are set to feature prominently - anything blousy and frilly - a bit New Romantic or Brideshead Revisited.

Crockery is going to get its time: think of decorative pieces with amazing finishes, bold colour and artisan design and team this with cut glass. Candelabras are set to steal the show as are statement vases and tableware. Matchy-matchy is dead and the devil is in the detail.

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Austerity did bad things for our pockets but maybe you found an amazing pub rather than going on a big night out? Many couples are now using their trusted local to hold their wedding, somewhere where they are both known by the bartender and where they know they will have great food. On the flip side of this, many people want Instagram-worthy weddings. Think stately homes where they're is a bit of glamour and decadence, even for an intimate 40 guest wedding.

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Sustainability is going to be a huge life-style choice rather than, I hope, a trend. Eco-weddings are becoming more popular - think Princess Eugene's environmentally conscious wedding. Couples can be sustainable in many ways - we have heard about foam-free flowers, but what about having trees instead of flower arrangements, different ways of serving food to ensure that there is little waste, a no-plastic policy? Lots of couples now are also going alcohol-free at their weddings which has created a trend now for the signature mocktail which can be good-looking and healthy. Food will be colourful, fresh, organic and locally sourced. Menus will continue to have veggie and vegan choices and we will see more self-service bars.

The other thing we will see is a nostalgic trip back to the '70's. There will be a hostess trolley vibe with kitch home made desserts: wobbly jelly, pastel blancmange , piped icing, cherries, flowers trapped in gelatine puddings and let's not forget champagne served in Babycham saucers.


Handwritten stationery is still going to be popular in 2020, but there will also be a nod towards hand drawn and personalised designs. Stationery is going to be even more artful and free-hand. We are likely to see sketched pieces, loose calligraphics and mixtures of texture and tones.

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Now onto one of my favourites. 2020 will be the year of maximalism, so this will play a huge part in the choices both Brides and Grooms will be given. Last year we saw some amazing coloured gowns (Mandy Moore was my favourite in her ruffly pink number) and this trend will continue. We will see hugely puffed sleeves (Princess Di-esque), sheeny fabrics, big bows and small bows, pleats, structured fabrics and Edwardiana and Victoriana, and one of my favs, Point D'Esprit.

Along with this, accessories and headware will be getting a makeover. Structured bonnets, crescent headbands, coloured veils, capped hats with veils, basically anything which frames the head. Think Handmaid's Tale meets The Crown: regal, face-framing and historical in flavour.

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Finally, the boys are getting some grooming! I am all for this (I've even written a blog about it). Maximalism isn't just for the girls. Grooms will be dressing in coloured jackets, Liberty prints, stripes, tartan and dogtooth to name just a few. We will see pattern, colour and a whole lot of clashes. Its time for the boys to get extra.

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