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Ideas to keep you sane on what would have been your wedding day.

If you are one of many who have had to make the hard decision to postpone your wedding, then firstly I sympathise with you. Planning your wedding up to this point has bound to have been a major part of your lives and to have to now face the time when what would have been your special day is going to be a tad bittersweet. So, rather than focusing on what would have been, why not make the day happier and create some new memories with your partner, almost like a pre-wedding celebration? This will give you a real morale boost and help you to mark your day rather than have it feel like any other lockdown day. Try to avoid having too much downtime – keep yourselves relatively busy and positive.

Here are a few ideas to help make the day better for you.

Breakfast in bed -Plan this in advance so that when you shop, you can stock up on a few treats. Fizz is definitely allowed! Pop the bubbles and toast your Pre-Wedding Day.

Ditch the chores for the day - Do not do any of your mundane tasks! Forget about getting a wash on and taking out the bins – this is a special day and should not be treated as any other lockdown day.

Get those PJ’s off! - If you’ve been working from home or furloughed and have been living in your joggers or just getting the top half Skype-ready, this is the day to wear something different. Wash that hair which has probably been stuck in a messy bun for the last few weeks, spray that perfume, maybe even get a bit of a face on and feel good.

Complete un-finished ‘wed-min’ projects - So, perhaps now is the time to do a little more planning for your day and decide what you’re going to do on your new wedding day. Plan the details that you may not have had time for and think about what will make your wedding day extra special. Maybe you would like a cocktail hour, marshmallows round a fire pit or some fireworks?

Re-create your first Date – If you went to the cinema watch the first film you saw together. Yes, it may have been a total shocker, but it’s special to you. If you went bowling, set up a makeshift bowling alley in the garden, if you went for drinks, plan ahead and get enough supplies in – you never know where it might lead!

Take your daily walk together – And talk about all the best bits of your relationship so far. Make some plans for the future and think about how excited you are to be getting hitched.

Have a picnic in the garden – Not just an ordinary picnic. Try to make it a bit fancy. Get some nice food and drink in and maybe open a bottle of something cheeky.

Have a virtual drinks reception with your wedding crew - Arrange a big call with friends and family to celebrate your day. Get them all to bring snacks and a beverage or two so that they can toast you.

Cut the cake– Any cake! Buy a huge one, cut it together and then eat the entire thing. Enjoy not having to share!

Have a virtual games night with friends - play a game together. I have heard that virtual Cards Against Humanity is a real winner. Challenge each other to make cocktails with whatever you have at home and make the night feel special.

Dance to your first dance together – In the kitchen, the lounge, under the stars, I guarantee that if you make it special you will feel all the feels.

Box set marathon -Watch your favourite box set. Snuggle up on the sofa and just enjoy being together.

Take some alternative wedding photos - Mark it for posterity by dressing up and creating images using whatever you have around you. There are some amazingly funny examples on Instagram to give you some inspiration.

Have a romantic dinner together – Order takeaway if you can or indulge yourselves by cooking something delicious. If you want to make it extra fancy, get dressed as if you were going out out!

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