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Retro-Boho Styled Shoot featured on

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Teaming up with Alex at The Vintage Parade to create this stunning shoot was a stylist's dream. I have always had ideas of dong a shoot which heavily features nostalgic vibes and when Alex and I met over a rather nice salad (yes, I did say salad) we chose to focus on the 1970's era of design.

Some might say that this decade did little to inspire wrong they are! The '70's were more than a prawn cocktail or a nice bowl of Bird's Delight. This was the decade that brought us dried flowers, the ruffle, tulle, and a truly bohemian outlook. Think about it, all of this is on trend now.

I had been 'acquiring' amazing coloured glass decanters over the months leading uptown this shoot and I knew that I wanted these to be the inspiration for the bold but earthy palette - turquoise, teal, orange, brown and brass. I remember fondly my Mother polishing her brass collection with Duraglit and me poking my fingers through her dried plants - who remembers 'Honesty'? So, I was delighted when Nia, the truly wonderful florist indulged us with dried marigolds and I was again swept back to my childhood.

Coloured glass and dried flowers.

The handpicked suppliers who all brought their creativity to the shoot embraced the concept, mixing specific elements of the decade with contemporary, eclectic twists. Sam, our photographer has captured the lazy, hazy summer images from days gone by.

The Artist's Residence in Brighton gave us exactly the right backdrop for the shoot: a unique boutique town house in the bohemian centre of the city. Here we were able to showcase the kitch, the artistic, the diverse. I think you will agree, this is a shoot which gives heaps of inspiration to the modern couple alongside an element of nostalgia that even your Gran would like.

List of Suppliers:

Co-ordination: The Vintage Parade

Photography: Sam Pharaoh

Styling and Props: ME!

Venue: Artist Residence, Brighton

Flowers: Luv Shifting Flowers

Silks: Luv Shifting Silks

Hair: Not Another Stylist

MUA: Poppy Tallulah Hair and Make Up

Dresses: Rock The Frock Sussex

Veils and Hairpieces: Ashley Wild Bridal

Calligraphy: The Lovely Little Details

Cake: Bunston Bakes

Jacket: Monica's Vintage

Macrame Backdrop: Handmade To Hire

Model: Darcey

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