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Why a Micro Wedding could be a great alternative.

Lets face it, we all know what's going on and how it has affected the wedding industry. Since Boris' announcement to lift some restrictions post-spike, some engaged couples who are trying desperately to plan their wedding day may still be unclear about when they might be able to gather their loved ones together. All this uncertainty no doubt makes you all feel anxious and a bit wobbly. I hear you. So, what we can do as industry professionals is to give you as much advice as we can and some alternative ideas. Today, its all about the MICRO WEDDING.

What on earth is a Micro Wedding I hear you ask?

Well, this is actually something which was trending even before this weirdness took hold. In a nutshell, it's a small wedding where the focus lies on creating an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. It is typically a do with less than 20 guests meaning that all the guest-list politics can be removed - yay! It is different to an elopement as with this the couple sneak off to get married without a group of people present. There are lots of positives to holding a Micro Wedding, here are some to get you started...

Nearest and Dearest

If having your nearest and dearest close to you is one of the main things that are important to you then having this kind of wedding is great. It means that what you create is personal and meaningful. Having the people you really want present will make them feel incredibly special and a huge part of your wedding. This type of celebration is family and friend centred and means that the atmosphere and relationships are at the heart of your day.

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The Circle of Life

Create a 360 degree circle of guests so that they can sit around you during the ceremony. This means that they will share in the intimacy and all feel that they are in the front row. Your guests will feel that they are seeing more of you - you can then mingle, connect and share in the important parts of your day.

The Devil is in the Detail

Having a smaller number of guests possibly means that you will save money - huzzah! You are having a full day on a smaller scale which means that you can really go to town on the details which mean most to you. Some beautifully thought out ideas are memorable and will make your day ultra-personal. Things will be much easier to personalise making it unique and exciting.

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Creating cosy spaces

Some venues can feel huge when your guest list is small and there is the danger that your venue will feel airy and large. Dividing up the space is a great way to add cosiness and intimacy with a wedding of this type. You could use draping, trees or cosy seating areas. If you have a high ceiling, trick the eye by using hanging instillations to make the ceiling seem lower. Think carefully about your colour palette too. Darker, richer colours create warmth and light colours create airiness and space. In the same way, your lighting is really important. Opt for warm lighting rather than cool white to make the space feel intimate.

Intimate dining

Arrange your seating in longer tables, a square table or have a buffet rather than separate circular tables. This will aid chatter and make sure there are no gaps in conversation. Sharing platters are also a great way to create a kind of hustle-bustle.

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A Micro Wedding means that you can have what you want without feeling as though you have to please everyone else. You won't have to compromise on the things that matter to you. You can be big on the style you love and big on the atmosphere you want to create and big on the love you share.

Want me to organise your Micro Wedding? Get in touch.

Sally x

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