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Why do I need a Wedding Stylist?

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

I think a wedding stylist is worth their weight in gold.

I would say that, right? Well... yes, BUT a good stylist is like a little magical pixie who (from a guest's point of view) pops in on the morning of your big day, makes it all pretty and then disappears again. From a couple's point of view, it's a bit different. Yes, they are still like a magical pixie, but sooo much more too.

You might be one of those people who have amazing ideas but need someone to just make it happen.

You might be one of those people who have great ideas, but too many of them and don't know how to make their day go from an eclectic mix of magpie-esque dreams to something a bit more focused.

You might be someone who just isn't creative at all.

This is where your stylist is your magical pixie and this is where I tell you what you get when you hire one.

All the colours! Photo credit: Sam Pharaoh Photography.

You get lots. It starts with a meeting of minds because what you need most from your stylist is someone who really understands and gets you, someone like-minded who you click with. Most stylists have their own sort of style, a way of working which is quite transparent. So, the first thing to do is to raid Instagram and Pintrest to see what sorts of things they do and have done in the past. You might want something contemporary but with traditional twists, you might be a minimalist, you might be bohemian, you might be alternative, you might be a eclectic lover of anything a bit pretty. We all love pushing boundaries, trendsetting, creating something unique, so its really important that you find a stylist who specialises in what you want and who you are. So, once you have tracked your stylist down, you need to have a meeting in person.

This is one of my favourite bits because it means that we can have a cuppa and get to know each other. I will chat with you about what you love and what you hate. I will find out how you both met, what you love about one another (often revealing some weird and wonderful fact) and what you want your wedding to not only look like but feel like too. This is one of those things which can be missed if you don't hire a stylist. Weddings can look fab, but, at the end of the day its about you and your guests having the BEST day and creating memories. What you want your day to feel like is one of the most important elements - don't forget this! We will then do a 'Wedding-y' Pintrest board which will start off with me collating images of things which we gleaned from our meeting and you adding things you spot or love. I call it 'Wedding-y' because it doesn't have to be pics of weddings. It could be colours, textures, memories, nostalgia, decor, pretty much anything which you like. What is important is that you are open and honest about what you like and what you hate, what floats your boat and what sinks your ship. This way, you feel that you are being creative and being listened to. This way, your wedding is going to be uniquely YOU. We visit your venue and then I create your concept. Yay! The concept!

What is the concept?

The concept is the vision. It's a concise but detailed plan of the day you want. Its the vibe of the wedding, the look, the thing which should give you all the feels. If it gives you the feels then I know I've done something right. This will detail the different elements you want - the decor, the tables, the colours (and if I'm doing your planning too - which I can, but that's another blog - the food, the entertainment and everything else). Its about bringing together all that you have told me and all that you have shown me to create an all singing and dancing concept unique to you. This is the bit which the couples get excited about because it starts to feel real. So, in a nutshell, your concept is your first look at your wedding EEEEK!

Your stylist will become a confident. A brainstorming wealth of knowledge. A search-engine-bhudda. A design-happy-pixie. We will discuss colours, hues, tones, atmosphere and vibes, senses and feels and tons of other things with fun names. I will gather beautiful things, talk to other people about using the things they have gathered, get your signage and stationery designed, hire furniture, and then rock up bright and early (when you are being pampered and having a glass of something nice) at your venue and style the heck out of it. Why should you even contemplate getting up a ladder, deal with the scorning face of Great Auntie Jean when she turns up early and makes some comment about why you need a disco ball over your top table, or get that nasty sweaty top lip when you are trying to look all fresh and dewy whilst your carefully tousled hair starts to look like Crystal Tipps (If you don't know who I mean, check it out on You Tube - You don't want to look like that). And breeeeeeeaaaaathe. You don't. That's why you need a stylist.

But it doesn't end there! Oh no! What about the morning of your wedding? When you wake in wedded bliss with a mild hangover, you do not want to be staring into the eyes of your darling and suddenly exclaim, "Oh b*gger, we need to go to the venue and take everything down, sort it all out and package it to be sent back to the suppliers." Your stylist should be able to sort all of that out too.

I told you they were magical pixies.

If you would like me to be your Magical Pixie, get in touch:

Check out my Instagram : @events_by_design3

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